Tackle Boxes Tricks and tips for summer fishing

The combination of good weather and vacations makes summer the time when more people usually start in the world of fishing, but as in every world, it is necessary to take into account some factors before launching into the ring tackle boxes.

  • The most coveted summer fish

The bluefish is one of the fish most coveted and known by those who love fishing, luckily, this type of fish seeking warm waters and Spain are found between the months of May to October the area of the strait, the Andalusian Atlantic and The entire Mediterranean coast. When choosing the bait, we could say that it is a kind of “fine nose”, so we must use fresh baits.

The catfish is another of the most sought after at this time, to achieve a greater percentage of success in their fishing, we must use baits that smell bad, such as shrimp.

The white dove, is one of the fish that in relation to its size more battle gives, moves in small groups near the coast, usually on sandy bottoms, that is why both surfcasting and spinning are very useful techniques for its capture. It usually attacks small banks of smaller fish, therefore, the ideal bait to catch it are small fresh fish, such as sardines or anchovies.

  • The work team

When fishing, it is very important to consider the objective to choose the right equipment and thus achieve the desired catch. That is why from Onnautic we recommend the use of the appropriate probe and cartography for the course of an efficient and safe fishing. If you still do not have a probe in our online store you can get one of our packs on offer.

  • More effective types of fishing

Mastering summer fishing is not a simple task, so we must handle the two most used and effective techniques of this era, spinning fishing that involves throwing and picking up the hook, simulating the movement of a fish, thus getting our Bait is much more attractive. On the other hand, in surfcasting, we will execute the launch from the shore and leave the rod still waiting for something to bite the hook. This technique is also effective for fishing fish such as sea ​​bream or turbot.

  • The type of cane

Depending on the type of fishing that we are going to do, we will need one type of rod or another, for spinning fishing we will need to give it movement after the launch, these rods have characteristics that encourage the movement of the lure once we launch it, we will also use leads and hooks Small to prevent our bait from being lighter and easier to shake.

The casting rod is a more elongated rod and with the reel mounted on the top of the handle, unlike what happens in the spinning rod, which is mounted below.

  • Thrown

This also makes the moment of throwing the lure key when choosing one or another type of fishing, in casting fishing the fisherman must block the thread when he sees that it sinks in the water to avoid the formation of knots in the line, while in the spinning it will be enough to drop it while we move and pick up.

  • Patience

Once we have understood this we will only have to have the patience necessary to face the fight, we must bear in mind that the most coveted fish can weigh several kilos and that is why in order to get it out of the water we will need to tire it enough if We do not want to escape or break the thread.

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